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Why We’re Well Grounded

When we look out our window at Mountwell Woods, here in Haddonfield, New Jersey, one phrase comes to mind that relates to modern marketing: “can’t see the forest for the trees.”

The centuries-old saying is so relatable it’s outlasted the common usage of “for” to mean “because of.” Nevertheless, it means you can’t see the big picture because you’re too focused on all the details, and that’s exactly what paralyzes most small business owners.

In our combined 20-plus years of experience, almost every business we’ve ever encountered has been too focused on individual tactics rather than the larger goals they’re trying to achieve. Even the biggest companies and most experienced leaders are guilty of chasing trends and ignoring the fundamental elements that truly make a marketing program generate a return on investment.

It’s easy to understand why. There are simply so many ways to market a business today, with new methods emerging all the time. Most marketers only contribute to the confusion, because no matter the tactic, you’ll find some agency or so-called guru telling you that it’s the one thing your business needs to be doing.

We’re allergic to that kind of thinking. Our founders’ background is in journalism, so we’ve been trained to look at everything with a skeptical eye. We are also small business owners ourselves, so obviously we’re focused on making the most of our limited time and money. Valuing evidence and real-world experience is what keeps us grounded.

For years, whenever our friends or family would ask us for marketing advice, we’d always give them simple, clear, logical and honest advice. They found it refreshing, and it made us realize how few agencies there are that specialize in helping business owners who simply don’t know where to start marketing themselves in the modern world.

That’s why we founded Mountwell – to give small businesses the insight they need to see the bigger picture and keep growing.

Who We Serve

We focus on serving small and medium-sized businesses in southern New Jersey and Greater Philadelphia, especially companies that don’t currently have a digital marketing strategy, or need specialized support executing an online promotion plan. 


What Makes Us Effective

Most agencies try to win clients by impressing them with lots of buzzwords and flashy presentations. Our business strategy is to win clients over through honest, straightforward advice that leads to clear, tangible business benefts. In other words, we’re effective because we’re actually focused on results.

What We Do

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