Introducing Well Said, the Mountwell Marketing blog

Mar 30, 2019

We believe that too many small businesses take the wrong approach to marketing. But we also believe you can’t necessarily blame them, because there isn’t a lot of good marketing advice for growing companies.

It’s certainly not that there’s a lack of articles, books, videos and podcasts on the subject – it seems like more is produced every day than anyone could consume in a lifetime. It’s just that most of it is vauge or unactionable in general, and almost all of it is about and targeted at large enterprises.

If you read enough advice, you start finding that nearly every example is of an already established brand, like Apple, Google, Coca-Cola, Nike, etc. These anecdotes are often not only worthless to a small business, they’re also misleading, because it makes it seem like what works for a household name will also work for a local bookstore, insurance agency or car dealership.

To us, this is just lazy. First, there are plenty of great stories out there about small businesses employing smart marketing. There are also often great stories about successful brands, but long before they were succcessful, offering insight into how  formerly small businesses became big businesses through smart marketing choices.

That’s the purpose of Well Said, the Mountwell Marketing blog, where we will share our insight and celebrate marketing success stories from small businesses throughout our home here in South Jersey and beyond. We’ll look for interesting, informative examples of how other growing companies successfully marketed themselves to serve as inspiration for your own efforts.

Have a story? Let us know! Email us at Hi@Mountwell.Marketing. Thanks for reading!