Introducing Well Said, the Mountwell Marketing blog

Mar 30, 2019

We talk a lot about how too many small businesses take the wrong approach to marketing, and that there simply isn’t a lot of solid marketing advice out there for small business owners. So, we decided to be part of the solution.

Introducing Well Said, the Mountwell Marketing blog, where we will share our insight and celebrate marketing success stories from small businesses throughout our home here in South Jersey and beyond. We’ll look for interesting, informative examples of how other growing companies successfully marketed themselves to serve as inspiration for your own efforts.

Some of these stories we’ll be from our own clients, but mostly not. We’re just looking for any good story, because there is such a lack of good business reporting in general, let alone articles with a marketing-specific angle, in this region.

And that’s how we plan to approach it – like reporting. Our team has deep experience in news reporting, so you can expect to find in-depth research and high quality writing.

Have a story? Let us know! Email us at Hi@Mountwell.Marketing. Thanks for reading!