Content Marketing

Creating media about your business and for your audience

The Basics

What is content?

When we talk about content, we mean text, images, videos, and graphics that convey information;

What you’re reading right now is content, as opposed to the design, layout, technology, metadata, etc. of this site. Another example would be if you’re selling a product, the content refers to the text, images, videos, etc. that goes along with that product to help promote it, as opposed to the price, placement and product itself.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a specific marketing strategy, the goal of which is to attract and retain customers through content that is valuable or enjoyable in and of itself.

For instance, our content marketing strategy is to offer advice and inspiration for small business owners through our blog, attracting people who are naturally looking for that type of information, in order to introduce them to our agency.

Why do I need content?

Several digital marketing approaches benefit from having lots of useful and interesting content. Search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing and obviously content marketing largely rely on having valuable and media and information to share.

Fundamentally, in the information age, having content about your business is a basic requirement of running a successful business.

The Mountwell Approach

 Small businesses are notorious for losing sales because they lack basic, readily available information about who they are and what they do. Having critical details on a website, a Google My Business page, a Facebook page, etc., is essential for a modern company.

We help you create this basic content, and get it in the right places. From there, we create articles and multimedia that demonstrates your expertise and tells your story, to help you earn trust and attract customers online. And because we have journalism backgrounds, we guarantee our content is of the highest quality you can find.

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