Digital Marketing Analytics

Measuring marketing to improve performance.

What are marketing digital analytics?

Digital marketing analytics are any measurements of what’s happening in your digital platforms and programs, such as website traffic, social media engagement, email list growth, etc.

As a service, digital marketing analytics refers to monitoring, analyzing and reporting on these measurements for the purposes of improving marketing effectiveness.

Why do I need analytics?

Many business owners lack basic, readily available information about their companies. They often make assumptions about who their customers are, what their customers are interested in, and what more they can do to attract customers.

Even if you aren’t proactively marketing your business online, digital analytics help provide a more comprehensive picture of a business and its potential market. When you do start active digital marketing, these analytics help measure success and guide future decisions.


Why do I set up digital analytics?

Setting up basic digital analysis tools is relatively simple. The most fundamental is setting up and configuring a Google Analytics account, and adding some simple code to your website, to start gathering information about your website traffic.

From there, most other tools you’ll use for digital marketing purposes come with their own analytics dashboards, such as social media platforms and email marketing services. We usually advise pulling all the most relevant statistics into a single report that’s monitored monthly. 


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