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What is web design?

In the strict sense, web design is planning and executing the visual interface of your website.

In the broader sense, people often use it as shorthand for the entire creation of a website, from initial setup and development of the domain and hosting account, to creation of content and implementation of analytics.

Why do I need web design?

You might not. There are many free or inexpensive tools available today that allow people to easily build their own website, assuming they have a decent design sense and are willing to put in the time.

That said, web design can get complex quickly, which is why it’s useful to hire an expert.

Why is good web design?

Generally, good web design makes a website easy and intuitive to navigate, as well as attractive and memorable.

More broadly, a good website is also fast, secure, accessible, well structured for search engines to understand, and designed to satisfy the ideal intended user’s intent.

How does Mountwell think about web design?

If you don’t have a website, are you even a business?

Not one that seems legitimate, that’s for sure. Certainly not when it’s incredibly simple these days to build a respectable website.

Of course, many small businesses already have websites, but they’re not in good shape. They might not work on mobile devices, might have broken links or incorrect content, or generally look severely outdated and unprofessional.

We don’t think any business really has an excuse today to have a poor website presence. Having a solid website is the foundation of digital marketing success, and you don’t need to have an incredibly sophisticated website to simply make sure you aren’t missing out on business opportunities.

Our approach for new businesses to get them set up with a professional, functional, usable website that gives them the necessary presence they need to build upon. For existing and growing businesses, we help them establish basic systems to maintain their site better and convert more visitors into customers.

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