Why all good marketing is unique

Apr 15, 2019

There’s a famous saying that all politics is local. The idea is that, even if you’re a national politician, getting elected is all about catering to your specific constituency.

We have a similar saying here at Mountwell: all marketing is unique. The idea is that, even if some techniques have been successful for other businesses, getting the most out of your marketing is all about finding what works best for your specific situation.

This is because there are so many unique factors influencing why one company attracts business over another. It’s an important insight, because it’s exactly why so much marketing advice is misleading. You simply can’t make sweeping statements that because Company A succeeded using X, Y and Z to promote itself, that X, Y and Z will work for Company B.

Industries matter. What works for a beauty company may not work for a construction company.

Products matter. What works for a line or premium products may not work for a line of budget products.

Brands matter. What works for a business with one kind of reputation may not work for another company with a different reputation.

Location matters. What works in the West Coast may not work on the East Coast.

Resources matter. What works with one budget may not work with a different budget.

People matter. What works when you have a certain set of talent working on something may not work when you have other people working on something.

Time matters. What worked in the past may not work now, and what didn’t work in the past may work now.

Luck matters. What works for one company may not work for another purely due to random circumstance.

For all these reasons and more, be very wary of anyone who says something like, “Every company needs to be on Instagram,” or “You need to be advertising on Google.”

Be cautious of agencies who specialize in certain services, and act as if every business needs those services. Sure, it would never hurt to have any amazing website with incredible search engine optimization, but that may not be where you can best spend your limited resources.

Don’t ever just jump at one particular tactic because you see other businesses, even competitors, doing it. This is the folly of many companies, which waste their time and money copying ideas that don’t work in their specific contexts.

Whenever someone tells you with certainty that something will work for you without understanding your specific situation, well, you should probably trust them about as much as the standard politician.